Happy Birthday! You’re Hired.
By: admin | Published: 08/04/10

Art Director Steve Hinckle’s birthday was Saturday. Monday he officially started full-time at Launch. Perfect timing.

Steve received his design education at VCU Brandcenter and took a job in Richmond after graduation. He later moved to New Mexico for his second job. Now he continues his affinity for scorching summers by moving to Texas to join Launch.

Steve likes to spend his spare time with his wife Meghan and daughter Audrey. He also enjoys watching sports. Not all sports though, just those where “people are competing against each other to win and make the other one feel bad.”

As an art director, Steve takes a particular interest in typefaces. And, aside from discerning between good and bad fonts, he can recognize “a good many” just by looking.

Get an even better look into Steve’s psyche:

IMG_2394Q: Coffee or tea?
A: Depends on the time of day.

Q: Do you have a personal website?
A: www.SteveHinckle.com

Q: Favorite 80s music?
A: I liked the Joshua Tree album a lot.

Q: Staples or paper clips?
A: Staples.

Q: Have you ever set off a rocket?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you feel bigger now that you’re in Texas?
A: No.

We feel bigger now that Steve’s joined the growing Launch agency. Welcome to Launch, Steve!

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