We have liftoff!

The new launchagency.com is officially live. This is the fifth iteration of our agency website, covering almost 20 years of launching and relaunching.

It took longer than anticipated (don’t all websites?). That’s partly because of our ongoing client workload, and partly because we wanted to take the time necessary to build a site that’s representative of Launch, its people and the work we produce.

The purpose of the new site is to showcase our creative work and the process behind it. We want to attract potential clients who share our value of creative ideas to help move their businesses forward. In addition, we expect the site to continue attracting talented professionals who want to join our team. We also needed to provide a peek into our culture. Agency culture is not synonymous with “beer tap and ping-pong table.” Rather, it’s the way people work and play together. By building social feeds in the site design we’re able to show what being at Launch looks like in real time.

To give a fresh perspective on Launch, we engaged the talented designers at Caliber Creative and the developers at Elodin Design to help bring our story to life. Many thanks to both multi-talented teams.

Look for more exciting new work and new news coming soon. Be sure and bookmark the site, tell two friends and come back soon.

Our Star Rises

We are so proud to celebrate our AAF Shining Star, Diane Seimetz Duncan! She is joining a talented group of women who are community leaders, C-suite executives, co-founders, executive VPs, strategic masterminds, media mavens and more. They are breaking glass ceilings and elevating the Dallas advertising community to heights we have never seen before!


Alayna Oram, Corporate Director, Marketing at Omni Hotels & Resorts

Allison Burzlaff, Senior Copywriter at TracyLocke*

Amanda Abrams, Creative Director Team One

Amanda Guerra Koch, Director, Connection & Insight Strategy at Saatchi & Saatchi

Amy Vollet, SVP, Executive Media Director at The Integer Group

Audrey Berger, Principal at Quadratic*

Cheryl Huckabay, Managing Principal – Brand Media at The Richards Group*

Diane Seimetz Duncan, Principal at Launch Agency*

Erin Bryant, Sales Director at Pandora

Karie Scuiller, Account Director at Caliber Creative

Kathleen Colditz, EVP, Customer Engagement Strategy at The Marketing Arm

Kim Moss, Chief Media Officer at TM Advertising*

Kimberly Tyner, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Spire Agency

Krista McCrimmon, Creative Director at Johnson & Sekin*

Luann Boggs, VP of Business Development at bloomfield knoble advertising*

Mary Price, Brand Media, Group Head at The Richards Group*

Megan Ward, Director of Project and Resource Management at Firehouse

Paloma Fuentes, Brand Manager at Richards/Lerma*

Pam Watkins, SVP, Business and Media Strategy at MCC

Robin Thomas, Director of Media at Chili’s

Sandi Edgar, Marketing Specialist at Temerlin Advertising Institute,* AAF Dallas Education Chair

Sarah Beddoe, Vice President, Marketing at Pizza Hut

Shelia Lemon, Founder, CEO & President of Citrus Advertising

Suzanne La Forgia, Senior Vice President of Captivate*, Past President of AAF Dallas, 2nd Lt. Governor of AAF Tenth District

Tracy Armstrong, Senior Manager, Brand Communications at Southwest Airlines

*denotes corporate members of AAF Dallas

#AAFdallas #2019Shiningstars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The 4A’s of Achieving Ad Agency Awesomeness

Launch has been a proud member of the 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies) since 2003 and it “helps us most by having smart, passionate people we can consult…to provide steering and insights to help manage our agency,” says Michael Boone, Principal at Launch Agency. Through our membership with the 4A’s, Launch gained legitimacy when we were first starting out as a smaller agency. Today, after 16 years of growth, Launch uses the 4A’s differently: as a tool to run our business and understand the latest business trends.

Launch Awards Scholarship to UNT Students

Congrats to our 2019 Launch Scholarship winners at UNT 👏 We recently presented our annual $1,000 Launch scholarship awards to Madeline O’ Mary for Art Direction and Gaby Pesqueira for Graphic Design. Both students currently attend UNT College of Visual Arts + Design and were recognized for creating an outstanding body of work. Launch established this scholarship in 2007 to inspire creative excellence and make a positive impact on UNT graduates who will, in turn, positively impact our design and advertising community.

Launch wins silver in 2020 Graphis Poster Annual

We swung for the fences with our Texas Rangers Triple Play event poster campaign—and hit it big with a silver award in the 2020 Graphis Poster Annual. It’s an honor to be featured in one of the world’s premier advertising and design annuals. Check out our winning entry, blending old-world storybook design with modern-day Rangers baseball, here.

Happy 16th Launchiversary!

Launch celebrated its 16th anniversary last night by treating the entire team to dinner at Al Biernat’s. Time sure flies when you’re launching brands and building a talented team.

It’s been 16 years since Creative Directors, David Wilgus and Diane Seimetz joined forces with Account Lead, Michael Boone. Years later, these three are still having a blast with many of the same clients and crew that have been on this crazy ride with them right from the start.


Launch scores three 2019 Dallas ADDY Awards

Congrats to our Baylor Scott & White Health and Park Place Dealerships teams for taking home two silvers and a bronze at the 2019 American Advertising Awards Gala at The Bomb Factory.

Our Baylor Scott & White team was awarded a silver for the “Never Settle” TV spot and a bronze for the Changing Healthcare For The Better OOH campaign. Our Park Place Dealership team took home a silver for the annual Texas Rangers Triple Play event.

High fives to our team and our clients for creating such great work this year! 🏆

How Technology Has Changed the Creative Process (and Why It’s a Good Thing)

Technology has come a long way since the typewriter era of advertising.  It’s hard to believe that in 1990, 99% of households had no internet.  We’ve seen massive technological advancements over the past 40 years, from the Internet of Things to cell phones to blockchain, which have impacted not only our personal lives, but the way we market products as well. Things like digital video, which only got a dedicated platform with YouTube in 2005, have exploded in just a short time.  New research reveals that almost 60% of advertisers’ budgets are allocated to digital video, and nearly half of these advertisers plan on upping this spend over the next year, a shift from the dominance of cable TV ads in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Launch Principal Dave Wilgus understands this shift – indeed, he’s lived it.  Growing up, Dave had a passion for art, design, and film, which led to the start of his advertising career with an internship at TracyLocke in the late ‘70s.  While the casual jeans-and-T-shirt uniform of his early advertising days is the same, just about everything else has changed. “This is going to make me sound ancient, but when I began my career the technology being used in advertising at the time was primitive compared to what we use today,” Dave says.  “Before computers, we drew marker comps by hand to illustrate advertising ideas for client presentations.  I still carry a few Xacto blade scars from the early days.”

Does tech help or harm creativity?

Now, of course, things that took ages to create can be done much more quickly thanks to technology.  But what’s been the real impact of technology on creativity?  And has technology made it easier or harder to be creative?  The answer lies somewhere in between. “We believe that great creative starts with a strong consumer insight,” he says. “Our creative approach is always closely tied to consumers’ needs and identified through listening and research. Technology really allows us to collect more targeted audience data than in the past and that helps us get to better insight-driven ideas, making it easier to be more creative.” Of course, problems arise when large companies abuse customer data instead of respecting customer data privacy, generating distrust between brands and consumers.  It’s this trust that has become crucial to building a successful brand – more than one in three consumers cite trust as their top reason for shopping with a certain company. “This aggravation has birthed new technologies like ad blockers to keep advertisers away, making it harder to be creative,” Dave notes.

Limitations breed opportunities

While it’s only natural that consumers would take steps to protect their privacy, there are still plenty of non-invasive opportunities for advertising professionals to experiment with delivering messages. “Our creative philosophy has not changed, but our processes have evolved to put new emphasis on creative collaboration involving diverse technology expertise,” he says. It’s collaboration that has always been at the heart of advertising, and that collaboration will help agencies adapt to future technological changes. “The creative process is really about breaking down those siloes,” Dave says.  “We might include a traditional writer and art director team along with an interactive designer, social content creator, and digital media expert on a new project. Harnessing the collective energy and technological expertise of the agency leads to better ideas.”

Embracing Tech to Create Great

Bringing these areas of expertise together often leads to innovative uses of new technologies.  Dave points to the recent “JFK Unsilenced” ad from Irish agency Rothco on behalf of the Times of London as one example, which uses artificial intelligence and thousands of data points to help Kennedy deliver the speech he’d been scheduled to give on the day of his death. “I grew up here in Dallas and my father-in-law was a reporter waiting at the Trade Mart for Kennedy to deliver the speech,” he says. “Being able to hear JFK’s actual voice give that speech is a powerful experience and is a great example of how to use technology to engage a worldwide audience with a brand whose mission is to deliver innovative storytelling and insightful journalism to the global community it serves.” The creative use of AI in this spot points to the limitless potential of technology to make messages that would have never before been possible.  And more traditional digital paths are opening to marketers, like the recently launched IGTV, which presents new avenues in the realm of video. “We have to be hungry for what’s next and always looking for ways brands can leverage technology to attract and engage consumers,” Dave says.  “Of course, the ultimate challenge for creatives in the future will be the same challenge we face today – engage and influence people who don’t want to be interrupted by ads!”

Launch Scholarships Awarded to UNT Communication Design Majors

This past Saturday, we had the pleasure of awarding Mycaela Erben and Regan Weinrich with the 2018 Launch Scholarships at the UNT Communication Design graduation ceremony. Based on a portfolio review, these scholarship awards of $1,000 each are given to the top portfolios for junior design majors. Both Mycaela and Regan achieved outstanding bodies of work, and we believe deserved recognition!  Launch Scholarship winner Mycaela Erben Launch Scholarship winner Mycaela Erben Launch established the annual scholarship in 2007 to inspire creative excellence and make a positive impact on graduates who will, in turn, positively impact our design and advertising community. “We love the caliber of students coming out of the UNT design school,” says Launch Principal Dave Wilgus. “Attracting talented people has always been one of our core values and supporting UNT’s College of Visual Art and Design keeps us closely connected to some of the best talent in the country.  We are proud to continue to support these students in their design pursuits.”

Launch Agency wins 2018 Dallas ADDY Awards

Launch, consumer insights and creative agency specializing in fast-growth brands, was recognized for excellence by the 2018 Dallas ADDY Awards.  This is the 15th year running the shop has taken home honors from the event, which celebrates area talent, and the best in design and advertising. This year’s winners were for Logo Design on behalf of One Arts Plaza, the lively skyscraper and business park in the heart of the Dallas Arts District, conceived by visionary developer Lucy Crow Billingsley.  The agency also placed in the Public Service Online/Interactive category for The Stallings Award, named after football legend and humanitarian Gene Stallings. Winners of the award include TCU coach Gary Patterson (2018), Clemson coach Dabo Swinney and UT’s Mack Brown, among others.

One Arts Plaza

An architectural breakthrough in urban multi-use communities, One Arts Plaza has been a fixture of the Dallas Arts District since 2005. Home to a 24-story skyscraper and bustling plaza, it is a hub for live entertainment, rotating art exhibits and a collection of popular restaurant fare. While One Arts has remained vibrant, Billingsley tapped Launch to infuse its thirteen-year-old brand with the edge and excitement of the venue.   One Arts Plaza  One Arts Plaza “The updated typeface is reminiscent of the original but bolder,” says Carolyn Sexton, Launch Senior Art Director. “We added angled strokes off certain letters in the name to lend energy and a sense of playfulness.  We also retained the neon red square, an icon on the Dallas skyline, resulting in an evolution that melds heritage with a clean, modern twist.”
Amy Woods – Account Executive
Diane Seimetz – Brand Strategy
Dave Wilgus – Creative Director
Carolyn Sexton – Art Director
Amy Nortman  – Art Director

The Stallings Award

Through its long-standing relationship with The Ashford Rise School of Dallas, Launch had the opportunity to create a new visual identity for The Stallings Award.  The award benefits the school, which is dedicated to providing quality education to preschool students with developmental disabilities.  It is named after Texas A&M player and coach, Gene Stallings, whose late son, Johnny, had Down Syndrome. “Our goal was to convey the enormous positive impact Coach Stallings, the award recipients and sponsors – as well as The Rise School – have had on children with developmental delays,” says Alex Slotkin, Launch Associate Creative Director on the project. John Poston, Rise School of Dallas co-founder, commissioned a companion e-brochure, designed to persuade ESPN execs to add the Stallings Awards to their annual College Football Awards show. The strategy was a successful one, and the event will now reach a national and international audience.
Michael Boone – Account Executive
Alex Slotkin – Copywriter
Carolyn Sexton – Art Director