We are extremely honored to be shortlisted by The Clio Awards for our Motivotter campaign for Baylor Scott & White Health and the Dallas Stars. The work was recognized in two categories: Social Media Influencer and Augmented Reality. The campaign leveraged the partnership between Baylor and the Dallas Stars to create an AR experience that motivated fans to engage with the brand in a fun, unexpected way.

The activation featured Stars’ goalie, Jake Oettinger, only it wasn’t actually Jake: it was his inner voice, which we named Motivotter. Fans could place Motivotter in places where they needed a little extra motivation. With 70+ million impressions, a 95% social positivity rating and an over two minute average filter engagement time, Motivotter scored big.

As always, we couldn’t do any of this without our incredible partners. High fives to our brilliant dream team:

Client: Baylor Scott & White Health

Director: John Suits

Production Company: Natural Selection Productions

Executive Producers: Nicole Flores, Amanda Mortimer

Producer: Gensho Tasaka

DoP: Will Stone

Editor: John Suits

Sound Mix: Joe Barrucco, Timeline Audio

Color: Parker Jarvie, Company 3

VFX: Joshua Lester

Photographer: Andy Mahr, Mahr Images 

Principal/Creative Director: David Wilgus, Launch Agency

Principal/Creative Director: Diane Seimetz, Launch Agency

Creative Director/Art Director: Brian Dedering, Launch Agency

Creative Director/Copywriter: April Steinbach, Launch Agency

Associate Creative Director: Caleb Alba, Launch Agency

Copywriter: Isaac Swedlow, Launch Agency

Account Director: Jason Giles, Launch Agency

Senior Account Supervisor: Bailey Troutt, Launch Agency

Senior Account Executive: Megan Robertson, Launch Agency

Assistant Account Executive: Lucy Galloway, Launch Agency

Producer: Jaime Roderer, Launch Agency

Producer: Kerstin Fredrickson

Strategy Lead: Dan Ferguson, Groove Jones

Creative Director: Dale Carman, Groove Jones

Producer: Eduardo A. Gonzalez V., Groove Jones

Developer: Carly Siciliano, Groove Jones

3D Team: Jeannot Landry, Elliot Johnson, Chris Fisher, Groove Jones

Animation: David Aguilar, Groove Jones

Graphic Design: Bip, Groove Jones

Production VP: Monte Masters, Groove Jones

Audio: Andrew Carman, Groove Jones

Production Coordinator: Khoi Tran, Groove Jones

Director of Creative: Ben Day, Baylor Scott & White Health

Brand Manager/Sports Sponsorships/Digital: Tyson Stuart, Baylor Scott & White Health

Director of Consumer Marketing/Brand Strategy & Planning: Kristn Owens, Baylor Scott & White Health

Brand Planning & Strategy: Robin Kraase, Baylor Scott & White Health

Marketing Producer Creative & Brand Management: Megan Doss, Baylor Scott & White Health

Senior PR Marketing Consultant: Eric Keese, Baylor Scott & White Health

Get care now. Like now, now.

To announce the news that the MyBSWHealth app now connects you to Baylor Scott & White Health 24/7, we partnered with award-winning director Eli Green to create a series of charming spots focusing on what happens when we get sick after hours or on weekends––you know, times when the doctor’s office is usually closed.

From frantically searching the internet for clues to creating less-than-appetizing homeopathic remedies, we see real-life scenarios get solved by simply connecting patients with the expert physicians at MyBSWHealth.

“Urgency is a tricky message in humor. With a hint of levity and character performance, we found a tone that connects need and relatability for Baylor Scott & White Health,” said Eli Green of Cultivate Media.

The television commercials launched during Dallas Cowboys games and even mention that you can get care during the game. Digital and social executions feature actual clocks that call out the exact time they are running to emphasize you can get care right this very minute. And airport OOH speaks to the fact that you can get care right now between flights.

By correlating with the times and places you can get care through the MyBSWHealth app, this charming campaign hopes to empower patients across Texas to get the care they need whenever they need it. Like right now. Later today. On weekends. At the airport. In the grocery store. You get the idea…

The campaign is running in North and Central Texas on television, print, OOH and social platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.


Client: Baylor Scott & White Health

Director: Eli Green, Cultivate Media

Executive Producer: Paul Papanek, Cultivate Media

Producer: Carlos Ayami, The Lift

Line Producer: Pablo Chozas, The Lift

Photographer: Brigette Diez

Principal/Creative Director: David Wilgus, Launch Agency

Principal/Creative Director: Diane Seimetz Duncan, Launch Agency

Creative Director/Art Director: Brian Dedering, Launch Agency

Creative Director/Copywriter: April Steinbach, Launch Agency

Producer: Jaime Roderer, Launch Agency

Account Director: Jason Giles, Launch Agency

Management Supervisor: Megan Lucy Neal, Launch Agency

Client: Ben Day, Director of Creative, Baylor Scott & White Health

Editor: Adam Henderson, Charlie Uniform Tango

Sound Design: Jake Kluge, Charlie Uniform Tango

Rising UNT stars awarded scholarships

We recently presented our annual $1,000 Launch scholarship awards to Bryce Johnson for Art Direction and Mariangelis Pagan for Graphic Design. Both students are juniors at the UNT College of Visual Arts + Design.

After a portfolio review of top candidates from the communications design program, they were recognized for creating an outstanding body of work. Launch established this scholarship in 2007 to inspire creative excellence and make a positive impact on UNT graduates who will, in turn, positively impact our design and advertising community.

BioBizz Campaign created by Bryce Johnson

Launch takes great pride in helping launch the careers of talented students like Bryce and Mariangelis. Explore more of their work at here and at the links below.

Tate’s Packaging Design by Mariangelis Pagan

Holiday Ads: The More the Merrier

Now that we’re a few weeks into the new year, it’s safe to say that this past holiday season was unlike any other (perhaps maybe last year’s). But at Launch, we used that time to work together to create a very special holiday card to share with our friends, families, and clients.

We had a blast making the video, but the best part was knowing we were able to bring a smile or a chuckle to people who needed it. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check it out. And if you have seen it, feel free to watch it a second time!

As we were creating our own holiday card, we couldn’t help but reminisce about our favorite holiday ads that have stuck with us over the years. The ones that made us laugh and cry and that are packed with nostalgia. So, we asked the Launchers to share their favorites, and here are some of their top picks. Do you recognize any of these classics?

Man on The Moon (John Lewis 2015)

“All the John Lewis Xmas spots are great, but this one in particular strikes an emotional chord.” -Alex Slotkin

Snow People (Tim Hortons 2020)

“This one I saw earlier this year is my new favorite.” -Alexa Pérez

The Long Wait (John Lewis 2011)

“Best Christmas ad of all time. No one can convince me otherwise.” -Brian Dedering


Christmas Bells (Hershey’s 1989)

“I still love the Hershey’s Kiss ad. So simple but such a classic.” -Richard Wezensky

Time to Come Home (Edeka 2015)

“I love this one.” -Megan Robertson

Melting Snowman (Campbell’s Soup 1993)

“Now I want soup.” -Andrew Reimherr

Believe in the Wonder of Giving (Macy’s 2018)

“Hands down favorite holiday commercial ad.” -Alicia Douglas

Click Here to Watch

Interning at Launch: The Inside Scoop

Mentorship and learning are key to adapting and refining one’s skills in the advertising industry. At Launch, we are able to offer internships to young professionals and students who want to learn more about what working at an ad agency is like. Whether it’s creative, account services, copywriting, design, or another area of interest, Launch aims to see interns grow and achieve their goals throughout their time here. Several of our past interns have gone on to work full-time at Launch, as well. We interviewed current and past interns to get an insider perspective on experiences and work they have been involved in.

Megan Robertson, past Intern and current Account Executive

Megan is an Account Executive at Launch, previously interning in the Summer of 2020.

What led you to intern at Launch in the first place?

I was in the interview process my senior year and attended a career fair at SMU. I had the best conversation with the Launch team. I remember feeling an instant connection and sense of ease. I continued to meet more members of the Launch team via zoom interviews throughout the Spring and was offered a full-time account management internship after graduation.

What’s the most important lesson you learned while interning?

The most important lesson I learned while interning was how to adapt my communication style in the workplace. In advertising, you work with many people across multiple teams, brands, and clients. Learning someone’s preferred communication style is a game-changer. Taking the time to understand who might prefer phone calls to emails, or who prefers to chat before meetings vs. diving right into a presentation is crucial. Learning how to effectively communicate with different clients and team members facilitates greater collaboration and builds rapport more quickly.

How have you grown since your internship?

Interning at a smaller agency allows one to wear many different hats and interact with multiple clients. I’ve had the opportunity to reach beyond my account management duties and try my hand at social media content creation, new business development, consumer research, and Google Analytics. Each one of these challenges presents a chance to grow and flex different muscles. Trying new things has instilled a greater sense of confidence in my abilities as I have transitioned from an Intern and Assistant Account Executive to my current role as an Account Executive. 

How would you describe the company culture?

The company culture at Launch is one of my favorite things about my job. The stereotypes you hear about ad agencies simply don’t apply to Launch. Everyone is kind, hard-working, and intelligent. It’s very much a work hard, play hard environment. Many of our team members have been with Launch for 5, 10, 15+ years! It’s a true testament to the amazing culture we have at Launch.

What’s a tip you would give to young professionals/new interns?

Be proactive!! Actively looking for ways to be helpful not only increases your value to the company but also allows you to learn new things you may not have experienced otherwise. Look beyond your to-do list and take initiative. You won’t regret it.

Isaac Swedlow, past Intern and current Copywriter

Isaac is a Copywriter and interned during the Summer of 2021.

What led you to intern at Launch in the first place?

I applied to the summer internship at Launch in 2020 right before the pandemic took off. I interviewed over Zoom and got to meet some of the lovely people on the team. Sadly, the creative internships were canceled that year and I was disappointed since I really liked everyone I talked to during my interview. That’s why I was so excited when I saw that Launch was bringing their internship back in 2021. I immediately reached out and sent them my website and resume, and I heard back in just a few days. I feel like I was drawn to Launch because I had missed out on the opportunity to intern there in the past, and I knew I would get great opportunities and be able to work with really amazing and talented people. I ended up getting the internship and the rest is history. 

What’s the most important lesson you learned while interning?

The most important lesson I learned during my internship was to not be afraid to ask for help or advice. It doesn’t make you look unknowledgeable or inexperienced, instead it shows people that you are constantly trying to understand the world around you and get better at what you do. It’s a crucial lesson, especially in creative advertising which is such a collaborative field. It can lead to much better work and more fulfillment overall.

How have you grown since your internship?

One of the biggest ways I’ve grown since I began interning is being more comfortable presenting work and ideas, both at internal meetings and during client presentations. When I was in school, I presented work all the time to my professors and the rest of my class, and I got used to it quickly. It feels different though, presenting real work to an actual client. But that’s one of the coolest parts about the internship: I was trusted to present my own ideas to the client and speak for myself. It’s not really something you can learn in a classroom; you just have to learn by doing it. Having the opportunity to practice and develop my presentation skills really helped me grow over the course of my internship, and it’s helped me become a better creative.

How would you describe the company culture?

The company culture at Launch is wonderful. Everyone is friendly and mostly everyone is pretty funny (except Jason, who tries too hard). Besides that, you get the sense that everyone wants to see you succeed and grow, not only at work, but also in your personal life. Everyone feels very close to each other because a lot of them have been working together for a long time. As someone new, that’s one of the clearest signs to me that the culture here is exceptional. Everyone wants to stick around, and even some of the people that leave end up coming back. During my time at Launch I’ve never heard anyone say that they “feel more like a family than a company”. They don’t have to say that because you can just feel it. Also, they’ve got great taste in movies/TV shows. I’ve got a nice long list of recommendations to get through.

What’s a tip you would give to young professionals/new interns?

To any young professionals or new interns, I would say don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. You have the advantage of a fresh perspective that many people may not have if they’ve been in the industry for a while. It might take a new point of view like yours to find new solutions, or a new, more efficient way of doing things. Just because you’re less experienced doesn’t mean you’re wrong. Not to mention you’re probably more in tune with what will resonate with younger generations, which brands are increasingly trying to focus on. Even now, you can start shaping the industry into what you want it to be in the future.

Taya Caligiuri, current Account/Project Management Intern

Taya is a graduate student that is currently an Account Services intern at Launch.

What led you to intern at Launch in the first place?

I discovered Launch through a course in my graduate program. After hearing people from the team talk about the agency and the internship opportunities, I was interested in learning more later on and ended up applying! It seemed like it would be a great place to learn more about what working at an ad agency is like. Plus, the Uptown Dallas office location and company culture I witnessed from their presentation to my class were very unique and attractive. From what I saw then, I had a feeling that the agency aligned with my goals perfectly.

What’s the most important lesson you learned while interning?

The most important lesson I have learned so far is to be proactive. As an intern, I want to learn firsthand from industry professionals as much as I can. Everyone here is willing to mentor and I want to take advantage of that – I try to initiate conversations and go out of my way to see what is needed of me and learn whenever I can.

How have you grown since you began your internship?

While it has only been a month, I believe I have grown in my accountability and flexibility. Launch gives interns real work and values the insights that we can offer the team. I also am given a variety of projects and tasks. Owning my responsibilities while remaining flexible with the scope of work I am given has let me become even more helpful and efficient.

How would you describe the company culture?

Launch’s culture has been amazing to witness and participate in as a young professional. The team really wants to watch you succeed and grow. They are willing to go out of their way to answer questions and help you out. Being able to shadow and learn from these successful people has been very educational. It also is such a fun and engaging environment to be a part of. While the work these people do is extremely professional and serious most of the time, they don’t let it change who they are as people. It’s been so great to get to know the team and have fun in the office together.

What’s a tip you would give to young professionals/new interns?

Remain open to a variety of opportunities! It can be hard to try something out of your comfort zone, or something that you hadn’t previously imagined for yourself. If you are willing to apply to a job or internship in a new area or industry, it could lead you down a really interesting and successful path you never knew could happen!

DesignRush ranks Launch Agency in their Top 10

Launch Agency has been recognized among the Top Branding Agencies and Top Logo Design Agencies in Dallas by DesignRush Marketplace.

DesignRush is an online guide for finding the best professional companies and agencies categorized according to vertical and area of expertise.

Launch’s Triple Threat

As if Alicia Douglas wasn’t busy enough as our Office Manager extraordinaire and co-owner of Paris Marie Productions, a Black-owned, woman-ran production company, she recently added even more to her very full plate. In January 2021, Alicia was accepted to graduate school at Lindenwood University.

We wanted to hear more about what inspired Alicia’s return to school and how she gets it all done (besides requiring very little sleep!)

What did you originally study in college?
I originally studied English and then got in the BFA Musical Theatre Program at Missouri State University. This is full circle for me to be getting my MFA in Writing.

What made you want to pursue an MFA in Writing? Is this something you’ve always wanted to do?
I am pursuing my MFA in Writing because this is definitely something I have always wanted to do. Also, working at Launch has been an inspiration and the push I needed to take a leap of faith.

What motivated you to go to grad school now?
What motivated me was the continuation of my education, but also to become better at something I love doing, which is writing.  I believe we can never stop learning because there is always room for improvement.

How has it been to “attend” grad school in a pandemic?
It’s been wonderful. The program is fully online!

Talk to us about balancing a full-time job with going back to school. How do you balance it all?
I am able to balance my full-time job and grad school because there aren’t specific times you have to be in class. Since it’s all online, it’s on us to login and check the schedule for the week. We have due dates, assignments, and discussions. It’s up to you on what your experience will be.

How do you hope to use your degree in the future?
There is so much I would love to do with this degree. Creating is my favorite part of writing. I love writing scripts, poetry, fiction the list goes on. I was inspired at Launch watching our creative team. I have been very blessed to be able to learn from them and just be amongst friends that are willing to teach you something new. I think this degree will help push me forward. I would like to be a copywriter that works her way up to be a Creative Director.

Diane’s latest pet project

When Diane Seimetz Duncan isn’t writing strategic briefs or chasing the latest consumer trends, you can find her running after her furry little sidekicks. All of which inspired her latest entrepreneurial venture, Dogtor Doolittle, an all-natural solution designed to keep your pup’s paws and fur looking anything but ruff. If you’re wondering how this ad girl, soap maker, wife, mother and grandmother could possibly add one more thing to her ever-growing to-do list, read on. We think we uncovered all the answers!

Rupert and Snyder helping Diane sniff out the competition.

How many pets do you have? Names and ages, please!

Three dogs – Francine Felicia, mini doxie, 18 (recently passed, but furever in our hearts); Rupert Joseph, terrorist chihuahua, 12; Snyder, Russian Toy Terrier toddler, 2 1/2.  Pebbles and Bam-Bam are our 12-year-old feral cats with a hairball problem.

Find all of Diane’s Dogtor Doolittle products on Chewy.com

What motivated you to create Dogtor Doolittle, your own line of pet care products?

I’ve been an animal lover and advocate as long as I can remember (probably would have been a vet if I were smarter). With so many furkids, we were always buying a spritz for this issue or a salve for that condition.  As I expanded my line of bath and body products (for humans) I started taking notice of ingredients used in commercial pet products as well.  I was dismayed – and a little alarmed – at the number of toxins they contained.  The experience prompted me to research safer alternatives.  I quickly discovered there weren’t many that were widely available, so I began formulating my own little litter of clean-label pet pampering.

Launching a new product in the middle of a pandemic is pretty ballsy. Why now?

No time is ever the right time, at least in my life! So when opportunity knocked, I squeezed through the dog door and bounded forward. Chewy.com asked to carry all three of my products – Mane Tamer leave-in conditioner, Happy Pads organic paw balm and Poochie ‘Poo solid dog shampoo. They all contain natural, organic and Ecocert ingredients, and come in sustainable or zero-waste packaging, both of which are growing in demand. Turns out with more people spending more time at home (and on e-commerce) than ever before, they have the time for more DIY pet grooming, too. So launching Dogtor Doolittle now was probably more lucky than ballsy.

Why do you think it’s important to use chemical-free products on dogs and pets in general?

Animals have faster metabolisms and smaller lungs than we do, which means they process chemicals at a faster rate and breathe them in more rapidly.  This makes it harder for them to safely eliminate toxic ingredients. Pets also have a keen sense of smell, so even a fragrance that’s “light” to us can be overwhelming to a dog or cat whose fur is embedded with it.  These chemicals can also cause serious eye or skin irritation.  Unfortunately, the rate of cancer and other life-threatening disease are increasing among domestic pets; industry advocates point to exposure from pesticides, home cleaning products, contaminated food and chew toys/treats embedded with PVC and phthalates as potential causes. 

How did Dogtor Doolittle find its home on Chewy.com?

In October 2019, I received an email from a category analyst at Chewy asking if I would like to add my pet line to their roster.  I knew from years working with retailers like Sam’s Club as well as a variety of product manufacturers how difficult it was to even get a meeting with a merchandise buyer, let alone get your product on the shelf.  Every now and then, I’d receive a solicitation from a broker or rep promising to get you in front of these folks – for a very large fee.  So, when I was contacted directly, I did a bit of a mental double-take, wondering if the request was for real.  I decided to forge forward as if it were, and responded with an enthusiastic, “Heck yeah!”

What do starting an ad agency and launching a brand have in common?

At least for me, they both required an idea, the desire, one eye on the prize and the other looking for really good people to help.  As a creative person, I’ve always known that achieving success is not a solo pursuit. I’ve been fortunate to have great partners at Launch, with complementary skill sets that make it work.  In launching pet products, I benefited from the talents of an amazing graphic designer – Amy Holcomb – who created really engaging branding and helped my packaging stand out.  I also received sage advice from friends in the formulating and soap-making community who’d sold their products at retail.  They gave me the knowledge and confidence to keep chugging, even when I was far outside my comfort zone.

Have you started other businesses before?

Much to my husband’s chagrin, I’m kind of a serial micro-preneur.  I’ve knitted baby sweaters, baked cakes, trafficked in Limoges porcelain boxes. Handmade soap just seemed to be the obvious next opportunity.

To get a whiff of Diane’s soap business, head over to A Joy Forever

What are your future plans for Dogtor Doolittle?

Still at the excitable puppy stage, I’m trying to get my arms around big e-commerce, studying category trends, testing new ingredients and formulations, and seeing what sells.  I’m weirdly comfortable in the deep end of the pool, so once I have these well in hand, I’ll throw myself a great big wrench to keep myself on my toes.

Do you ever sleep?

I started thinking I might have a problem when a friend recently texted me at 3 a.m. and said, “I figured you were up…”

Where in the world is Zach?

While many of us have spent the majority of the past 6 months in our houses, making fewer plans than usual and traveling to fewer destinations (thanks, COVID19), we thought it would be fun to escape the current reality and catch up with Launcher and world traveler, Zach Deutsch. Zach has an extremely impressive globetrotting history and has visited all seven continents. Keep reading to hear more about Zach’s adventures and to get some inspiration for your post-pandemic travel plans.

When did you discover your passion for traveling?
I have always been a traveler, but when I met Darren things really picked up! He and his best friend set a goal to go to all seven continents in seven years. I met him a month before he left for his fifth, and I joined him for six and seven. I actually have done all seven continents while we have been together; 4 years. So, I technically did it faster than him!

How do you fit it into your busy schedule?
I (we) try to be strategic with vacation time and holidays to take big trips. Some Fridays I leave the office and go straight to the airport for a quick weekend trip.

South America

How do you pick your next travel destination?
There’s so much out there to see and experience. The internet and social media give us new ideas. You can read an article or see a picture and say, ‘I want to do that’. Friends and family also give us great ideas and inspiration as well.

How does traveling help you in your role as an Account Executive?
I think traveling opens up your mind, gives you perspective and inspiration. Traveling gets you out of your bubble and exposes you to new sights, sounds and experiences. As an ad person, I think that travel introduces new ideas to our work.

What is your ultimate dream travel destination?
Maybe go to space? If I can get past the motion sickness!

Are there any people or brands or business owners that inspire you?
I follow a bunch of travel influencers/Instagram account. Those give me ideas for destinations, place to stay, things to do, etc. A few of my favorites:

What is your proudest travel accomplishment?
Having a stamp from each continent in my passport. Antarctica is my most prized!


What are you most looking forward to once life returns to normal?
Getting back on a plane and going somewhere. COVID-19 has shown us the little things we took for granted. A lot is up in the air (no pun intended), but hopefully we’ll be able to travel internationally soon.

Shooting during COVID-19

Launch has filmed many commercials for Baylor Scott & White Health. But shooting during a pandemic? In the hospital? That was a first. The main goal of this campaign was to send the message that it’s safe to get the care you need now. And since we knew the hospital would be following strict safety protocols every day, our crew was committed to following the same routine.

Every day, we were screened with questions and temperature checks upon entry. We also wore masks, kept hand sanitizer handy and stayed, sat and stood at six feet apart as much as possible. Because our on-set team needed to stay small and nimble, not everyone could attend in person. So our director, Will Graham, had his production team set up a virtual sharing link for all those logging in remotely and our producer, Jaime Roderer, gave a play-by-play of what shots were up next. This allowed us to get feedback in real time keeping things on schedule. (in other words, not causing us to creep into overtime!)

Once the shoot wrapped, we quickly moved into remote edit mode with the talented folks over at Lucky Post. Since we couldn’t all huddle in the editor’s room like we usually do, Lucky Post shared a streaming site with us called evercast that allowed us to view versions and chat with our editor in real time. It was just like being there but without the giant bowl of M&Ms.

This pandemic has challenged all of us. We’ve had to make new plans, then change them, adapt, evolve, zig, then zag. But sometimes that’s when you capture the most meaningful moments. Whether you’re having a baby or getting a knee replaced, nothing can stop Baylor Scott & White Health from getting you back to Better. And nothing stopped us from capturing these patients and their caregivers at their best.


Director: Will Graham

Producer: Jim Askew

Client: Ben Day, Director, Brand Management at Baylor Scott & White Health

Creative Director/AD: David Wilgus

Creative Director/CW: April Steinbach

Account Director: Jason Giles

Account Supervisor: Macy Barbee

Agency Producer: Jaime Roderer

Editor: Logan Hefflefinger, Lucky Post

Colorist: Neil Anderson, Lucky Post

Sound: Scottie Richardson, Lucky Post