Shooting during COVID-19

Launch has filmed many commercials for Baylor Scott & White Health. But shooting during a pandemic? In the hospital? That was a first. The main goal of this campaign was to send the message that it’s safe to get the care you need now. And since we knew the hospital would be following strict safety protocols every day, our crew was committed to following the same routine.

Every day, we were screened with questions and temperature checks upon entry. We also wore masks, kept hand sanitizer handy and stayed, sat and stood at six feet apart as much as possible. Because our on-set team needed to stay small and nimble, not everyone could attend in person. So our director, Will Graham, had his production team set up a virtual sharing link for all those logging in remotely and our producer, Jaime Roderer, gave a play-by-play of what shots were up next. This allowed us to get feedback in real time keeping things on schedule. (in other words, not causing us to creep into overtime!)

Once the shoot wrapped, we quickly moved into remote edit mode with the talented folks over at Lucky Post. Since we couldn’t all huddle in the editor’s room like we usually do, Lucky Post shared a streaming site with us called evercast that allowed us to view versions and chat with our editor in real time. It was just like being there but without the giant bowl of M&Ms.

This pandemic has challenged all of us. We’ve had to make new plans, then change them, adapt, evolve, zig, then zag. But sometimes that’s when you capture the most meaningful moments. Whether you’re having a baby or getting a knee replaced, nothing can stop Baylor Scott & White Health from getting you back to Better. And nothing stopped us from capturing these patients and their caregivers at their best.


Director: Will Graham

Producer: Jim Askew

Client: Ben Day, Director, Brand Management at Baylor Scott & White Health

Creative Director/AD: David Wilgus

Creative Director/CW: April Steinbach

Account Director: Jason Giles

Account Supervisor: Macy Barbee

Agency Producer: Jaime Roderer

Editor: Logan Hefflefinger, Lucky Post

Colorist: Neil Anderson, Lucky Post

Sound: Scottie Richardson, Lucky Post