We have liftoff!

The new launchagency.com is officially live. This is the fifth iteration of our agency website, covering almost 20 years of launching and relaunching.

It took longer than anticipated (don’t all websites?). That’s partly because of our ongoing client workload, and partly because we wanted to take the time necessary to build a site that’s representative of Launch, its people and the work we produce.

The purpose of the new site is to showcase our creative work and the process behind it. We want to attract potential clients who share our value of creative ideas to help move their businesses forward. In addition, we expect the site to continue attracting talented professionals who want to join our team. We also needed to provide a peek into our culture. Agency culture is not synonymous with “beer tap and ping-pong table.” Rather, it’s the way people work and play together. By building social feeds in the site design we’re able to show what being at Launch looks like in real time.

To give a fresh perspective on Launch, we engaged the talented designers at Caliber Creative and the developers at Elodin Design to help bring our story to life. Many thanks to both multi-talented teams.

Look for more exciting new work and new news coming soon. Be sure and bookmark the site, tell two friends and come back soon.