Summertime at Launch is one of the best times of the year (if you can get past the heat) because that’s when we recruit the most talented interns to join our crew. It’s always a pleasure to nurture the next generation of our industry and watch their potential flourish, but this summer we got especially lucky with two star-studded creatives. Art director/designer intern Corinne Green and copywriter intern Morgan Martinez made a great team and blew us all away with their invaluable contributions on a wide range of projects. And as summer neared its end, we had to wave goodbye to Corinne and Morgan as they turned their focus toward completing their final year as undergrads. But before they left, we asked them to reflect on their time at Launch.

How did you find out about the Launch internship?

Corinne: I found out about the Launch internship through Connext, a networking/portfolio review event for Graphic Design majors at TCU. I got to chat with Caleb and Isaac and present my portfolio to them there.

Morgan: I found out about the Launch internship through Handshake and applied through that!

Was agency life what you expected?

Corinne: I feel like no one can totally prepare you for what agency life is like unless you are living it! I expected a fast paced, creative, and collaborative environment, and I think that was pretty accurate. Every agency has different clients, different processes, and different values, so it was all new and exciting to learn how Launch does it all.

Morgan: Agency life was different than I expected in a good way. I feel like I got an excellent grasp on what agency life is like this summer!

What was your favorite project you worked on this summer?

Corinne: One of my favorite projects to work on was a poster design for The Ashford Rise School and Touchdown Club of Dallas’s Rise Cup Classic, a golf tournament benefitting education for special needs children. I was able to illustrate elements and take a bit more creative freedom with this project, which was right up my alley.

Morgan: My favorite project this summer was the August Billboard Refresh for Park Place. I’m excited to see them go up!

How would you describe your daily routine?

Corinne: No two days were exactly the same at Launch. On an average day, I would head into the office, check my schedule, and get started on my work. Some days, we would have status meetings, creative check-ins, internal reviews, or client meetings to attend. Others were spent catching up on work and preparing it for presentation. On Wednesdays (some of the best days), lunch was on Launch, and we all ate and laughed together in the conference room. Thursday happy hours on the deck (before it got over 100 degrees) also made the tail-end of the week so fun!

Morgan: There was always something new to do, but my daily routine was typically grabbing a coffee in the morning and driving to the office on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! After that, I would see if I had any meetings scheduled and/or tasks due, and I would research and write drafts for deadlines approaching.

What was your funniest memory?

Corinne: When Morgan and I (the two interns) both won LCR consecutively, and made it rain with all our ones.

Morgan: My funniest memory is playing Kiki or Booba/Sun or Moon on one of the Happy Hour Thursdays!

What advice would you give a future intern?

Corinne: Ask lots of questions! Questions don’t make you seem clueless, but rather interested and dedicated to learning from the people around you. Also, be very open to criticism and new ways of doing things– absorb all that you can from critiques and explanations, and don’t take anything personally!

Morgan: I would say don’t be afraid of the work and don’t be afraid to ask for help! Everyone is there to support you, and everyone believes in you.

What was the biggest takeaway from your internship?

Corinne: Being trusted to tackle bigger projects as an intern led me to an invaluable experience gaining knowledge and confidence working in an agency setting. I learned how to best collaborate with Morgan (my copywriter partner & fellow intern), ask the right questions during a creative briefing so the account manager can provide the best information, respectfully and promptly communicate with a creative team, and so much more. I feel very prepared to enter the workforce with the experience and mentorship provided by Launch.

Morgan: My biggest takeaway was that talking to others and seeing their work will expand your thinking, and you can always learn something new unexpectedly.