Cancer Hates Us

Cancer sucks. We hear that all the time. Because it’s true. In 2019, 1.8 million people will be diagnosed with cancer. And as the world’s second leading cause of death, it’s not willing to give up its reign anytime soon. That’s why there’s an army of folks determined to destroy it. Especially, the team at Baylor Scott & White Health. So when they tasked us with creating an oncology campaign to air during the month of October, we knew we’d have a lot of competition. But we also knew we had an amazing and inspiring story to tell.

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the airwaves become a crowded cacophony of hospitals and treatment centers all vying for the same target. Our goal was to create a campaign loud enough and bold enough to break through. Instead of shouting how much we hate cancer, we decided to let people know that cancer hates us. Why? Because Baylor Scott & White Health refuses to give up. Their award-winning team spends every second of every day coming up with innovative and groundbreaking ways to treat it and defeat it. Who better to tell this story than our own warriors at Baylor Scott & White Health? They are the faces behind the campaign inspiring others throughout their cancer journey. 

Big thanks to our talented partners Randal Ford, Ben Hoffman and James Rayburn of Charlie Uniform Tango for helping us bring this campaign to life.

The campaign began running October 1, 2019 across North and Central Texas and features full-page print ads, television, online and social ads. Look for spots to air during Cowboy games as Baylor Scott & White Health and the Dallas Cowboys team up for cancer.

SOURCE: National Cancer Institute