Launch’s Triple Threat

As if Alicia Douglas wasn’t busy enough as our Office Manager extraordinaire and co-owner of Paris Marie Productions, a Black-owned, woman-ran production company, she recently added even more to her very full plate. In January 2021, Alicia was accepted to graduate school at Lindenwood University.

We wanted to hear more about what inspired Alicia’s return to school and how she gets it all done (besides requiring very little sleep!)

What did you originally study in college?
I originally studied English and then got in the BFA Musical Theatre Program at Missouri State University. This is full circle for me to be getting my MFA in Writing.

What made you want to pursue an MFA in Writing? Is this something you’ve always wanted to do?
I am pursuing my MFA in Writing because this is definitely something I have always wanted to do. Also, working at Launch has been an inspiration and the push I needed to take a leap of faith.

What motivated you to go to grad school now?
What motivated me was the continuation of my education, but also to become better at something I love doing, which is writing.  I believe we can never stop learning because there is always room for improvement.

How has it been to “attend” grad school in a pandemic?
It’s been wonderful. The program is fully online!

Talk to us about balancing a full-time job with going back to school. How do you balance it all?
I am able to balance my full-time job and grad school because there aren’t specific times you have to be in class. Since it’s all online, it’s on us to login and check the schedule for the week. We have due dates, assignments, and discussions. It’s up to you on what your experience will be.

How do you hope to use your degree in the future?
There is so much I would love to do with this degree. Creating is my favorite part of writing. I love writing scripts, poetry, fiction the list goes on. I was inspired at Launch watching our creative team. I have been very blessed to be able to learn from them and just be amongst friends that are willing to teach you something new. I think this degree will help push me forward. I would like to be a copywriter that works her way up to be a Creative Director.