Which Launcher’s got game?

It’s no surprise our Launch crew works hard and plays hard. See how Launch Principal and Account Director Michael Boone is taking that philosophy to the court. We recently asked him if joining a competitive tennis league has helped up his ad game. Read his answers below.

How did you get interested in playing tennis?

I’ve always enjoyed playing, recreationally, off and on my whole life. But I never made it a habit until last year when a friend asked if I wanted to be a substitute in a weekly league he was in with “a lot of guys older than we are.”

How do you think your love of tennis helps your ad game?

I never really played doubles. Learning the strategy and angles has been a fun learning experience. Actually, I think my advertising experience has probably helped me in tennis more than the other way around: handling stress, shifting between leading and following, depending on the partner and/or the opponents, and keeping emotions at an even keel are well-earned agency traits.

How do you fit it into your busy “ad man” schedule?

First, a compromise. I told them I could only play at 8 pm. Then I planned my Mondays to make sure I’d be able to play Monday nights. After one week, they invited me to be a regular and I was hooked.

How do you stay motivated to improve your game?

Failure and embarrassment are good motivators. It’s more fun to play well, and even win, than the opposite. But improvement mostly comes, for me, from playing regularly, with people better than I.

Are there any tennis pros past or present that inspire you?

Right now we are blessed to see four who are considered to be the best ever to play: Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. All have had sustained greatness for many years and are considered “old” in usual tennis terms. Seeing them constantly improve, innovate and play at exceedingly high levels is inspiring; I don’t know how they do it.

Have you received any awards for your tennis skillz?

About 20 years ago I took home a trophy (2nd place, perhaps) from a Temerlin McClain “intramurals” tournament. There weren’t many who played, though. More recently I was fortunate enough to be added to a USTA Men’s Doubles Team. I’m a 2.5 (the lowest rating) in a 6.0 league. Our team just represented the great state of Texas at the National Championships. We placed 7th overall, but were this close to advancing to the Final Four. Not that my playing had much to do with that…