Dak’s cleats for a cause

Every season, the NFL highlights players and the important causes they support through the My Cause My Cleats initiative. This year, Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott teamed up with shoe designer Jake Danklefs of Dank & Co and Baylor Scott & White Health to shine a light on his Faith Fight Finish foundation and the early detection of cancer.

Working with directors Andy Mahr and Ashton Rodgers, we set out to capture the making of Dak’s cleats from start to finish. Shot in three parts, the film documents the initial zoom call, the design behind the cleats, and the emotional moment of Jake delivering the cleats to Dak. From the beginning, there was a special connection between Dak and shoe designer, Jake Danklefs, as both lost a parent to colon cancer. The final design beautifully represents Dak’s foundation and his mom’s love of Betty Boop to raise awareness about the importance of early detection.

NFL My Cause My Cleats for Dak Prescott using Jordan 1 mid cleats
NFL My Cause My Cleats for Dak Prescott

Dak will wear his custom cleats during the NFL My Cause My Cleats game between the Dallas Cowboys vs Indianapolis Colts on December 4, 2022. The film was pushed out on all social channels prior to the game and drives to BSWHealth.com/GetScreened where viewers can learn about early detection and schedule a screening.

The American Cancer Society says the earlier you catch cancer the less time it has to grow or spread. This often means less-invasive cancer treatment and a better survival rate. As the official healthcare sponsor of the Dallas Cowboys, Baylor Scott & White Health aims to inspire Texans and their loved ones to get screened.

Winning Team: Baylor Scott & White Health, Dank & Co., Charlie Uniform Tango and Launch Agency
Andy Mahr and Ashton Rodgers filming at Jake’s Dank & Co. headquarters


Client: Baylor Scott & White Health

Directors: Andy Mahr & Ashton Rodgers, Charlie Uniform Tango

Production Company: Charlie Uniform Tango

Photographer: Andy Mahr

Principal/Creative Director: David Wilgus, Launch Agency

Principal/Creative Director: Diane Seimetz, Launch Agency

Creative Director/Art Director: Brian Dedering, Launch Agency

Creative Director/Copywriter: April Steinbach, Launch Agency

Associate Creative Director: Caleb Alba

Account Director: Jason Giles, Launch Agency

Assistant Account Executive: Lucy Galloway

Producer: Jaime Roderer, Dogtails Media Lab

Producer: Michael Wagner, Charlie Uniform Tango

Editor: Rodney Demeglio, Charlie Uniform Tango

Colorist: Joey Waldrip, Charlie Uniform Tango

Graphics: Gray Wilcox, Charlie Uniform Tango

Sound Design: Jake Kluge, Charlie Uniform Tango

Music: Atomica Music


Ben Day, Director of Creative, Baylor Scott & White Health

Tyson Stuart, Brand Manager/Sports Sponsorships/Digital, Baylor Scott & White Health

Kristn Owens, Director of Consumer Marketing/Brand Strategy & Planning, Baylor Scott & White Health

Robin Kraase, Brand Planning + Strategy, Baylor Scott & White Health

Megan Doss, Marketing Producer Creative & Brand Management, Baylor Scott & White Health