Stars goalie, Jake Oettinger invites you to get motivated with Motivotter.

We recently teamed up with Baylor Scott & White Health and the Dallas Stars to create an AR experience leveraging one of the biggest “stars” of the Stars, Jake Oettinger. As the team’s goalie, Oettinger always stays focused, motivated and determined, which makes him the perfect voice to inspire fans along their health journey.

Working with Dallas AR and VR experts, Groove Jones, we developed a look-alike Oettinger in the form of a mini-AR Jake. Only it isn’t actually Jake: It’s his inner voice which we named Motivotter, a combination of his nickname “Otter” and “motivation.” The experience allows users to place Motivotter on any surface, next to anything they’ve achieved or want to achieve. Like eating healthier, working out more, walking their dog—you name it, Motivotter is there celebrating your victories with cheers, back flips and a variety and dance moves.

To launch the experience, we partnered with award-winning director, John Suits to create a teaser-like trailer introducing Motivotter to fans. The film, along with numerous digital and OOH executions, invites users to “Unleash Motivotter” through Instagram or TikTok. All executions drive to

Once you tap any social icon, the Motivotter filter opens and is ready to play.

Social posts encourage fans to share their favorite Motivotter moments.

In a short time, Stars fans have already adopted Motivotter as one of their own.

As the official healthcare partner of the Dallas Stars, Baylor Scott & White Health is proud to leverage this partnership to inspire fans around Dallas to achieve their goals – big or small.

Behind the scenes

To create Motivotter, Groove Jones scanned Oettinger in their XR Avatar Scanner powered by 50 4K cameras that capture HDR (high dynamic range – for color and depth) using multiple focal lengths—instantly capturing both the geometry and texture of the person standing inside. This, in turn, allowed us to make a lifelike mini-AR version of Jake.


Client: Baylor Scott & White Health

Director: John Suits

Production Company: Natural Selection Productions

Executive Producers: Nicole Flores, Amanda Mortimer

Producer: Gensho Tasaka

DoP: Will Stone

Editor: John Suits

Sound Mix: Joe Barrucco, Timeline Audio

Color: Parker Jarvie, Company 3

VFX: Joshua Lester

Photographer: Andy Mahr, Mahr Images 

Principal/Creative Director: David Wilgus, Launch Agency

Principal/Creative Director: Diane Seimetz, Launch Agency

Creative Director/Art Director: Brian Dedering, Launch Agency

Creative Director/Copywriter: April Steinbach, Launch Agency

Associate Creative Director: Caleb Alba, Launch Agency

Copywriter: Isaac Swedlow, Launch Agency

Account Director: Jason Giles, Launch Agency

Senior Account Supervisor: Bailey Troutt, Launch Agency

Senior Account Executive: Megan Robertson, Launch Agency

Assistant Account Executive: Lucy Galloway, Launch Agency

Producer: Jaime Roderer, Launch Agency

Producer: Kerstin Fredrickson

Strategy Lead: Dan Ferguson, Groove Jones

Creative Director: Dale Carman, Groove Jones

Producer: Eduardo A. Gonzalez V., Groove Jones

Developer: Carly Siciliano, Groove Jones

3D Team: Jeannot Landry, Elliot Johnson, Chris Fisher, Groove Jones

Animation: David Aguilar, Groove Jones

Graphic Design: Bip, Groove Jones

Production VP: Monte Masters, Groove Jones

Audio: Andrew Carman, Groove Jones

Production Coordinator: Khoi Tran, Groove Jones

Director of Creative: Ben Day, Baylor Scott & White Health

Brand Manager/Sports Sponsorships/Digital: Tyson Stuart, Baylor Scott & White Health

Director of Consumer Marketing/Brand Strategy & Planning: Kristn Owens, Baylor Scott & White Health

Brand Planning & Strategy: Robin Kraase, Baylor Scott & White Health

Marketing Producer Creative & Brand Management: Megan Doss, Baylor Scott & White Health

Senior PR Marketing Consultant: Eric Keese, Baylor Scott & White Health

Dak’s cleats for a cause

Every season, the NFL highlights players and the important causes they support through the My Cause My Cleats initiative. This year, Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott teamed up with shoe designer Jake Danklefs of Dank & Co and Baylor Scott & White Health to shine a light on his Faith Fight Finish foundation and the early detection of cancer.

Working with directors Andy Mahr and Ashton Rodgers, we set out to capture the making of Dak’s cleats from start to finish. Shot in three parts, the film documents the initial zoom call, the design behind the cleats, and the emotional moment of Jake delivering the cleats to Dak. From the beginning, there was a special connection between Dak and shoe designer, Jake Danklefs, as both lost a parent to colon cancer. The final design beautifully represents Dak’s foundation and his mom’s love of Betty Boop to raise awareness about the importance of early detection.

NFL My Cause My Cleats for Dak Prescott using Jordan 1 mid cleats
NFL My Cause My Cleats for Dak Prescott

Dak will wear his custom cleats during the NFL My Cause My Cleats game between the Dallas Cowboys vs Indianapolis Colts on December 4, 2022. The film was pushed out on all social channels prior to the game and drives to where viewers can learn about early detection and schedule a screening.

The American Cancer Society says the earlier you catch cancer the less time it has to grow or spread. This often means less-invasive cancer treatment and a better survival rate. As the official healthcare sponsor of the Dallas Cowboys, Baylor Scott & White Health aims to inspire Texans and their loved ones to get screened.

Winning Team: Baylor Scott & White Health, Dank & Co., Charlie Uniform Tango and Launch Agency
Andy Mahr and Ashton Rodgers filming at Jake’s Dank & Co. headquarters


Client: Baylor Scott & White Health

Directors: Andy Mahr & Ashton Rodgers, Charlie Uniform Tango

Production Company: Charlie Uniform Tango

Photographer: Andy Mahr

Principal/Creative Director: David Wilgus, Launch Agency

Principal/Creative Director: Diane Seimetz, Launch Agency

Creative Director/Art Director: Brian Dedering, Launch Agency

Creative Director/Copywriter: April Steinbach, Launch Agency

Associate Creative Director: Caleb Alba

Account Director: Jason Giles, Launch Agency

Assistant Account Executive: Lucy Galloway

Producer: Jaime Roderer, Dogtails Media Lab

Producer: Michael Wagner, Charlie Uniform Tango

Editor: Rodney Demeglio, Charlie Uniform Tango

Colorist: Joey Waldrip, Charlie Uniform Tango

Graphics: Gray Wilcox, Charlie Uniform Tango

Sound Design: Jake Kluge, Charlie Uniform Tango

Music: Atomica Music


Ben Day, Director of Creative, Baylor Scott & White Health

Tyson Stuart, Brand Manager/Sports Sponsorships/Digital, Baylor Scott & White Health

Kristn Owens, Director of Consumer Marketing/Brand Strategy & Planning, Baylor Scott & White Health

Robin Kraase, Brand Planning + Strategy, Baylor Scott & White Health

Megan Doss, Marketing Producer Creative & Brand Management, Baylor Scott & White Health

Get care now. Like now, now.

To announce the news that the MyBSWHealth app now connects you to Baylor Scott & White Health 24/7, we partnered with award-winning director Eli Green to create a series of charming spots focusing on what happens when we get sick after hours or on weekends––you know, times when the doctor’s office is usually closed.

From frantically searching the internet for clues to creating less-than-appetizing homeopathic remedies, we see real-life scenarios get solved by simply connecting patients with the expert physicians at MyBSWHealth.

“Urgency is a tricky message in humor. With a hint of levity and character performance, we found a tone that connects need and relatability for Baylor Scott & White Health,” said Eli Green of Cultivate Media.

The television commercials launched during Dallas Cowboys games and even mention that you can get care during the game. Digital and social executions feature actual clocks that call out the exact time they are running to emphasize you can get care right this very minute. And airport OOH speaks to the fact that you can get care right now between flights.

By correlating with the times and places you can get care through the MyBSWHealth app, this charming campaign hopes to empower patients across Texas to get the care they need whenever they need it. Like right now. Later today. On weekends. At the airport. In the grocery store. You get the idea…

The campaign is running in North and Central Texas on television, print, OOH and social platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.


Client: Baylor Scott & White Health

Director: Eli Green, Cultivate Media

Executive Producer: Paul Papanek, Cultivate Media

Producer: Carlos Ayami, The Lift

Line Producer: Pablo Chozas, The Lift

Photographer: Brigette Diez

Principal/Creative Director: David Wilgus, Launch Agency

Principal/Creative Director: Diane Seimetz Duncan, Launch Agency

Creative Director/Art Director: Brian Dedering, Launch Agency

Creative Director/Copywriter: April Steinbach, Launch Agency

Producer: Jaime Roderer, Launch Agency

Account Director: Jason Giles, Launch Agency

Management Supervisor: Megan Lucy Neal, Launch Agency

Client: Ben Day, Director of Creative, Baylor Scott & White Health

Editor: Adam Henderson, Charlie Uniform Tango

Sound Design: Jake Kluge, Charlie Uniform Tango



On Monday, March 16, we had just moved into to our brand new space in the Carlisle Building. While everything smelled like a fresh new beginning, COVID-19 had other plans. In just a few short days, we found ourselves relocating once again. For the safety of our Launch family as well as our own, we all knew the right place to be was home.

In typical Launch fashion, we put an action plan in place and quickly got up and running from our DIY home offices. Client meetings, brainstorming sessions and all daily interaction moved to convenient new locations like Zoom, Slack and even our phones.

To keep our Launch culture going, we began hosting our weekly Friday Beer:30 Happy Hours through Zoom. And celebrating birthdays by sending actual birthday cards to Launchers in the good old-fashioned mail.

Friday Beer:30 Happy Hour trivia on Zoom

We’ve continued to find creative ways to help our clients during these challenging times. When we found out Poston Gardens was at risk of closing, we quickly designed t-shirts to help raise funds to keep the tulips blooming next year. And by working remotely with many talented editors, animators and directors, we’ve been able to create a series of informative and compelling COVID-19 TV, video and digital campaigns for our client, Baylor Scott & White Health.

Poston Gardens t-shirt design
Baylor Scott &White COVID -19 Texans Stronger Together spot

Social distancing hasn’t stopped us from giving back to our community either. Through Launch LIFT, we’ve delivered meals to Baylor BUMC, and supported numerous local restaurants by participating in #TakeOutTuesday. 

In a recent interview with AdChatDFW, Principal Diane Seimetz Duncan summed it up best: “We cherish our creative culture at Launch; I’d say that if anything, the current situation has galvanized us in preserving and protecting that. We have worked on a collaboration platform for several years, so the move to ‘shelter in place’ has allowed us to continue serving clients without a hitch.”

Diane and her four-legged assistants

Rallying The Troops For Your Brand

Timelapse video of a war room build. (Never let the account team set up the camera – leave that to the art directors.)

The advertising war room – far less aggressive than it sounds (although there are occasional battles within) – is Strategy Central at Launch. It’s here we conduct a full brand audit and assessment of “enemy” territory. What are our client’s greatest strengths? How well does their product or service differentiate itself in a sea of sameness? Vital insights are drawn here, insights critical to informing the planning process.

We discussed the role and history of the war room with Launch partners and Creative Directors Diane Seimetz and Dave Wilgus:

What exactly is a Launch War Room?

It’s one of the few truly private places in the agency…no windows, a real door to close. We find this helps our squirrel-prone brains to focus. Inside, the walls are covered with pinnable material, which becomes home to a wide variety of our client’s and their competitors’ marketing, brand and social media assets, online reviews – almost anything digital and physical we can unearth. In the end, it’s a 360-degree deep dive, providing a unique, all-in-one glimpse into the customer experience.

A recent Launch War Room built for our client, Norwex.

What led Launch to establish this practice?

Surveying the competitive landscape has always been intrinsic to our discovery process. While we think we know what the others in the category are saying and doing, our recollections can be dated, confused or just not the case. Things change quickly in the world of consumer brands, and there’s really no substitute to ensure you’re working off the latest information than gathering it for yourself. We felt that designating a dedicated space to collect, view, compare and share this intel would encourage and facilitate this key effort.

What do clients gain from this process?

A date with the War Room is always a highlight of the brand strategy process. Our clients are extremely busy, and they appreciate this unique glimpse into their customer’s journey – all under one roof. It’s immersive, interactive, and has impact.

How does a war room get built?

It really does take an army to locate/source the large amount of content required to outfit the effort. A typical war room can include everything from website pages, Instagram feeds, video, print and promotional samples, menus, packaging, paid digital, search. We have people who have become expert at organizing this content on the walls in an easy-to-understand way.

Do you have any tips for building an effective War Room?

The key is to represent all relevant channels, so you get a really good idea of each brand’s story, who they are targeting, how they are attempting to position themselves, how they talk about their company, mission, unique benefits. It also helps to have at least one tall person on your team to pin things nice and high on the wall:)

How else does Launch fight the good fight for clients?

Spending time learning what’s going on in the competitive space is just one of the many ways we prepare to go to war for our clients. It’s part of our four-stage Launch Sequence® that combines strategic process with creative prowess.

Building a powerful brand starts with insights as the foundation, which inspire work that’s relevant, engaging and meaningful. Often highly entertaining, too. Creativity used in this way is the marketer’s ultimate trump card, prevailing over clutter to cut-rate pricing.

Memorable, shareable ideas not only differentiate a brand, they drive its success. 

So Much Better

Changing Healthcare For The Better. It’s not just a tagline for Baylor Scott & White Health. It’s the mission behind everything they do. Now in its second year, the tagline was once again a central driver of the campaign message. Since Baylor Scott & White Health is focused on making people better so they can live a better life, Launch set out to create advertising that feels, looks and sounds better, too.

“Healthcare advertising is mired in a sea of sameness, full of sympathetic images of nurses and doctors with patients in the hospital,” said Ben Day, Director of Creative & Brand Management at Baylor Scott & White Health.

Finding the right team to help bring the idea of better to life in a meaningful way was key. So Launch partnered with award-winning director, Jaci Judelson and director of photography, Colin Watkinson. Both known for creating beautifully engaging and emotional commercials, Judelson and Watkinson were the ideal pair to capture stories that would connect with viewers in a memorable way.

The result is a series of spots that merge the past with the present, showing what a patient’s life looks like today while hearing the back story of how they got better with the help of Baylor Scott & White Health.

“We want to inspire Texans to take charge of their health, be proactive and worry less. This is why we show our patients thriving after treatment,” said Day.


Client: Baylor Scott & White Health

Director: Jaci Judelson

Director of Photography: Colin Watkinson

Production Company: Tool of North America

Principal/Creative Director: David Wilgus, Launch Agency

Principal/Creative Director: Diane Seimetz, Launch Agency

Creative Director/Art Director: Dean Oram, Launch Agency

Creative Director/Copywriter: April Steinbach, Launch Agency

Producer: Jaime Roderer, Launch Agency

Account Director: Jason Giles, Launch Agency

Account Supervisor: Macy Barbee, Launch Agency

Editor: Jack Waldrip, Charlie Uniform Tango

Sound Design: Jake Kluge, Russell Smith, Charlie Uniform Tango

Music: Nick Patronella, Charlie Uniform Tango

Luxury & Supercar Showcase Hero Image

A Car Show in a Higher Gear

In 2017, Launch and longtime client Park Place Dealerships collaborated on the first-ever Luxury & Supercar Showcase—the region’s only all-luxury dealership car show and lifestyle event. So in 2019, the third year of this now-annual tradition, the time was right for a campaign that pushed the limits.

We worked with acclaimed illustrator Stephen Selzler to create a distinctive look. This energetic and modern style was the perfect reflection of the sleek, sophisticated cars on display and the high-end vibe of the event. We brought it all to life across a wide range of materials—everything from print ads, billboards and digital executions to the official event poster and program.

But not only did this year’s 2019 Luxury & Supercar Showcase campaign look fabulous, it also drove incredible results. Park Place shattered all attendance records, welcoming over 4,500 guests and completely selling out of VIP passes. They also raised over $140,000 for the event beneficiary, Baylor Scott & White Irving Foundation.

Take a look at how this year’s creative work brought a new level of excitement to Park Place’s iconic car show.


Launch scores three 2019 Dallas ADDY Awards

Congrats to our Baylor Scott & White Health and Park Place Dealerships teams for taking home two silvers and a bronze at the 2019 American Advertising Awards Gala at The Bomb Factory.

Our Baylor Scott & White team was awarded a silver for the “Never Settle” TV spot and a bronze for the Changing Healthcare For The Better OOH campaign. Our Park Place Dealership team took home a silver for the annual Texas Rangers Triple Play event.

High fives to our team and our clients for creating such great work this year! 🏆


Relaunching healthcare for the better.

As our name suggests, our clients turn to us when launching or relaunching a new product or service. But it’s not every day we get the call to relaunch an entire category and make its powerful new mission into a meaningful message – stat. Based on Baylor Scott & White Health’s century-old legacy of innovation, and its focus on how people get well and stay that way, “Changing healthcare for the better” was born.

The campaign kicked off in July 2018 with teaser and reveal outdoor, digital, social and :30 and :15 television. Broadcast creative was shot by award-winning director, Jeff Bednarz and edited by Jack Waldrip of Charlie Uniform Tango with music by EliasArts of Los Angeles.

With our partners at Baylor Scott & White Health, we continue to look for new and better ways to spread the word throughout North and Central Texas, so keep an eye out for new work in the coming months.

  Out-of-home board  Out-of-home board

Park Place Dealerships’ New TV Campaign Shows How Seamless Car Buying Can Be

After the success of last year’s “Your Place” campaign spots, Park Place was ready to add more to the story.  The original campaign served to highlight how Park Place’s commitment to personalized service, an exceptional dealership experience, and time-saving tech makes it unique. The new campaign needed to communicate this message and highlight some of the exciting innovations that Park Place is debuting this year – namely a car subscription service called Park Place Select, as well as easier online purchasing with Path to Purchase.

Park Place has doubled down on their commitment to convenience this year.  The resulting “Seamless Experience” campaign communicates the idea that a Park Place experience can happen at your convenience, whether that means in the showroom or while lounging by the pool, for example.

Park Place Select was designed with customer needs in mind. For one monthly subscription price, clients enjoy the ability to switch up their ride based on their changing lifestyle, all without leaving their home or office – a Park Place concierge will bring the car to you.  And for those who prefer to online shop, Path to Purchase is the answer to easier digital retailing.  The streamlined car purchasing system allows you to select the make, model, and features you want online, as well as determine your financing and trade-in value so that your dealership visit is quick and easy.

“We really wanted to show how Park Place caters to their clients, making their services accessible for the ultimate convenience,” adds Richard Wezensky, Associate Creative Director.

The first :30 execution, “What If,” shows how car shopping can be just as effortless as digital interactions by way of a swipeable, shoppable universe.  The spot begins with a man swiping through car options in his driveway until he lands on his perfect vehicle, illustrating the simplicity of the Park Place Select service.  Then it cuts to a woman using the Path to Purchase shopping process on her tablet at home to review car options before “magically” proceeding to the showroom where a sales associate hands her the car keys. 

Director Ben Hoffman and the editorial team at Charlie Uniform Tango (CUT) were invaluable when it came to capturing the seamless essence of the new campaign.

“The CUT team really allowed us to collaborate closely to get the best result,” says Alex Slotkin.  “The suggestions Ben and his team made and the on-set discussions we had helped us better communicate the effortless nature of the Park Place experience across the campaign.”

The first spot debuted during the Scandal series finale.  The rest of the campaign will air during other primetime television shows, including This is Us and the Grey’s Anatomy finale, as well as during high-profile sports programming on spot and cable TV and online.

To view some of our favorite ads in the campaign, visit our YouTube channel.